The Phonemic Awareness Course

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This comprehensive Phonemic Awareness Course supplies parents and tutors with everything they need to teach a student all the essential pre-reading skills.

It includes an Introduction, that explains the importance of Phonemic Awareness skills and how those skills equip students to succeed at reading.

This PDF ebook then goes on to include instruction on:

·         how to help students overcome difficulties they face learning or applying these skills;

·         tips and tricks on how to use the Course;

·         the work needed to teach each sub-skill and the answers for each individual task;

·         supplementary work that can be used to equip students who need additional help to learn and master these skills, or who are happier learning using pictures, or students who prefer to DO something (rather than sit passively while being instructed orally); and

·         instructions on how to do the Supplementary Work.

This Phonemic Awareness Course leads directly into the Teach Reading at Home Course, which parents and tutors can use to equip their students to become independent readers.

But it is not necessary to use my Course after finishing this Phonemic Awareness Course. Any Phonics-based learn to read course could be used.

If you are interested in learning more about the Teach Reading at Home Course, enter the link below into your browser to access the free How Do I Start Teaching Phonics at Home? ebook:

or go to my website:

A student who has completed this Phonemic Awareness Course would have no trouble completing the work in the How Do I Start Teaching Phonics at Home? ebook - which includes all material needed to teach students how to read the first 90 words in the reading course.

All the best for your journey to help your student,


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The Phonemic Awareness Course

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