The Teach Reading at Home Course

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This comprehensive, easy-to-use Teach Reading at Home Course can be used with students of school age (or earlier, if they become VERY keen to learn to read) and above.

The Course is phonics-based, step-by-step, and cumulative. This means that students are required to sound out and blend words, and that later work builds on earlier work. Parents and students never need to invent work, or guess.

The Teach Reading at Home Course sticks to the essentials, so that students learn what they need to know, and don’t learn non-essential “fluff”. They learn to read what is on the page in front of them.  

The material in this Course is written in a way that makes sense. (English doesn’t always make sense, so a few historical details are given at times – so students can understand WHY English sometimes appears weird.)

Instructions for parents are given in the Introduction. The first part of the Introduction for Students explains How English Works. It explains why they need learn how to sound out and blend.

As the Course progresses, students are taught letters, and the sound related to each letter (or letter team - such as letters th) in a way that helps them remember that sound/letter relationship, and reduces confusion. This means that difficulties, such as the tendency to confuse letters b and d, are minimized.

I use the term student, because many people taught with this Course are older teens and adults. I have used the Course with people aged 4 to 64. Other tutors (usually others and grandmothers) have taught people even younger, and much older, and everywhere in between.

The Course can be printed onto A4 paper, or it can be taught directly from the screen, depending on what suits you and your student. The Course is NOT set up to be taught on very small screens, such as phone screens.

The first part of this Course is titled: How Do I Start Teaching Phonics at Home? and is provided FREE, so that parents and students can try out the Course, and see if it suits them. This introduction provides everything you need to teach your student the first 90 words in the Course.

If you both work through this introduction, but decide against purchasing, you will still find that you have benefitted from doing that work. The major benefits will be that:

·         you will have become a much more skilled reading tutor;

·         your student will have learned how written English really works, how to sound out a number of the sounds, and will be better at blending;

·         you will be sufficiently well-informed to know what will suit both of you; &

·         you will know how to recognize the signs of a good Phonics-based course.

To read the How Do I Start Teaching Phonics at Home? ebook online, or to download it (without registration), click the link below:

To learn more about teaching reading, go to my website:

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The Teach Reading at Home Course

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